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Best Facebook App Hands-down

Time changes things.... I purchased this several years ago and was quite disappointed at that time. But, several updates later this is the way to go. As Friendly+ continued to improve, the official Facebook app has continued to get worse. The only reason I even went back and tried this app again is my recently disabled wife struggled with using Facebook. Their app made things too easy for her to accidentally get off track and go where she didnt want to go. With Friendly+ the entire interface is quite straightforward, clean and much more difficult to click something wrong and end-up who-knows-where. This is one of the few times I feel the third party app beats the original by a wide margin.

NOW I Can say I dont use. Face. Book. Haaa

Yeah this is cool I need FB for my game Pearls pearls Maybe sims free. ( dunno) FB. Is drama But hey If you use it just to log in games Nothing to complain about. Lol Serves the purpose for me!! Although. I find my favorite restaurant s near by, And like them No friends. Dont need them Just to play my game and browse public restaurants,


Notifications are not working on this app.

Full of bugs

You cant close the picture when you view it and you cant close the comments box. Would not recommend 1⭐️


The only good thing about this app is that you can put all of your fb ang IG pages together. But the graphics on uploaded are horrible. And you can not perform anything on IG. I paid for the pro because I wanted the better quality. Not worth the money at all.

Always a problem

Latest update crashes all the time. I paid for this?


U will like this app for sure


I just bought my first iPhone and was disappointed that Metal does not have an iPhone app. I dint like using the facebook app because it drains battery. It was recommended I try friendly. I bought the pro version because it said I can do Facebook and Instagram but I cant post pictures to Instagram which is the app I use the most I will be asking for a refund

Good alternative

This app does not have all the bells and whistles that FB has AND does not have the ads! Fast, clean and easy. Its a good alternative especially when youre in a hurry.


Truly amazing, notifications some times late.. or just doesnt push to phone but other than that love it

Love this app

This app is very convenient with the ability to go to several social media apps in one app I think that it is ingenious

One of the better Facebook apps

Cant understand those folks who review this app as one star because it is the same as the free version. Hello! It says free is ad supported, the paid version has no ads, that is the only difference. I dont mind paying a buck to drop the ads for an app I have been using free for the past year. Great app.


The best app ever

great app.

really enjoy this app. best out there.


Well done. Well tempered,without the frenetic paceing of the Facebook circus.


UPDATE: it never fails...with each new update one problem is fixed and million other problems come with it. This is without a doubt the buggiest, most broken app ever made...which is a shame because it could be so great. This is without a shadow of a doubt the very worst app in the app stores history. Its so buggy it would take days to describe them all...just stay as far away as you possibly can...pure garbage

Great one for FaceCrap

I highly recommend this app... You dont need messenger at all and more control. Theres still a couple things it doesnt do that great, so I use the FaceCrap app for that stuff... Still recommend highly.

Fast alternative to Facebook

Fast and intuitive alternative to the Facebook app. It is not a memory hog like the Facebook app. Buy the best feature is multiple accounts which can be themed a color to keep track of which account you are using. The developer updates regularly and seems to have less annoying ads compared to the Fb app.

5 Stars!

Love this app!!

New User

Great overall. I so far still keep the Facebook app for some things, but I like this better most of the time. Ive only been using a few days. More later. Well worth the small price to have it all on trial. Take 2: I am more and more pleased with Friendly. I particularly love the way it displays birthdays with the ones from yesterday included for the rare occasion when one may have missed a day.

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